Companynews // 04/21/2010

Gerolsteiner sends a signal for the future

Gerolstein, April 21 2010. A good year after the strategic reorientation of the Gerolsteiner

Brunnen GmbH & Co. KG Axel Dahm, head of the management board, takes stock - and sees positive interim results: "The decision to emphasize the singular quality of our product and the innovative power of the company is paying off. Thanks to the decisive quality and communications campaign the brand name publicity has achieved the highest popularity rating in the company's history." "The Water with a star" was able to consolidate its market leadership amongst first-class quality waters. In 2010 the market share is to be further increased through the consistent continuation of the quality strategy and innovative packaging variety.  


Growth potential through product innovations 

Offering a broad variety of packaging and bottle innovations, the company once again proves to be a trigger for innovations on the German mineral water market in 2010. The highlight amongst the packaging innovations is a 1.0 liter glass reusable bottle in a handy case of six. The sale of the mineral water varieties Sprudel, Medium and Naturell in these cases started in July. 

"With this innovation, consumers who prefer drinking from glass bottles now have a choice of alternative packaging that suits today's consumer needs: Nice shape, practical and comfortable to transport", says Dahm.  Gerolsteiner expects the new glass bottle in a case of six to have a strong impact on the glass market long neglected by the industry.  


Investments in all areas of the company

Extensive investments contribute to the increase in efficiency and quality in 2010 and send a clear signal for the future. Some examples: Shortly the completely re-designed Visitor Center of the Gerolsteiner Brunnen - conducted by contractors in the region - will open. In May and respectively June two new bottling facilities were put into operation. And later on in the year the construction of a compact storage facility for disposable containers is to begin. The construction of a warehouse for reusable Gerolsteiner products has already started.


Social commitment in the region

Gerolsteiner will also be continuing with its social commitments in the company's home region. The focus is especially on projects that benefit children and youths. The new action program "Team with a Star" started in May 2010, - it awards prizes and financial support to selected projects and project ideas for children and youths in the organization communities Gerolstein and Hillesheim. 

People in the region can co-determine which initiatives are to be supported via the website Gerolsteiner employees can sponsor the projects. Over and above that Gerosteiern will continue supporting individual projects in regional schools and kindergartens as well as the "Villa Kunterbunt" in Trier, which is a regional support center for critically ill children and their families also from the Gerolstein area.

Additionally Gerolsteiner has for years been working together with the "Westeifel Werkstetten" - handicapped workshops - thus supporting the integration of handicapped people.


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