Gerolsteiner führende Exportmarke Deutschlands

Bottled in the Volcanic Eifel, consumed worldwide!

Gerolsteiner - die führende deutsche Exportmarke im Bereich Mineralwasser

Gerolsteiner Brunnen was founded in 1888 in the Volcanic Eifel. Gerolsteiner’s unique mineral composition and its subsequent neutral and refreshing taste very quickly made it a popular mineral water – at home and abroad. Within a year, we were exporting our mineral water to the Benelux countries. Gerolsteiner was first shipped to the USA in 1890 and 1895 marked the start of international trade with Australia.

Gerolsteiner is poured into a glass

Today, more than 125 years after its founding, Gerolsteiner remains deeply rooted in its home country and is also enjoyed in neighboring Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands, as well as in the USA and Canada. 

Where in the world?

Gerolsteiner is sold worldwide, from nearby European countries to South East Asia. Click on the map to find out exactly where. Gerolsteiner partners with national distributors in the individual countries, who are responsible for selling the products in selected supermarkets, speciality outlets, and catering businesses.

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Product info

  • International trade focuses on Gerolsteiner Sparkling Mineral Water, which is available in both the optimized high-quality glass bottles, as well as in the light PET bottle. The sizes vary between 0.33 l and 0.75 l for glass and 0.5 l, 1.0 l and 1.5 l for PET.
  • Gerolsteiner Naturell and Apple Spritzer are also available in selected countries. These products are also available in the glass or PET bottle in different sizes.
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