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Since 1888, Gerolsteiner Brunnen has set itself the singular task of supplying its customers with the best mineral water products in terms of both taste and quality. Embodied in our values and company culture are trust, respect for our regional roots, resource conservation and ecological responsibility. We respect the past, and embrace the future, which is why innovation has always been a strategic priority – whether it concerns products, packaging or even internal processes.

Gerolsteiner products are consistently aligned with consumer needs and the brand stands for a clear quality promise. We honour this promise every single day in all areas. Whether in corporate processes, with a view to motivation and commitment, or when it comes to customer focus and our own innovative strength.

Visitor centre at Gerolsteiner

Explore the source of our pristine mineral water and learn about our commitment to quality. Discover the refreshing taste of Gerolsteiner and experience our heritage firsthand. Plan your trip today!

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We recommend drinking 2 liters of mineral water on a daily basis, in addition to a well balanced diet and an active lifestyle.

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