Gerolsteiner Visitor Centre
Gerolsteiner Besucherzentrum
Gerolsteiner Besucherzentrum
Gerolsteiner Besucherzentrum

Mineral Water up close

Gerolsteiner Besucherzentrum

Where does natural mineral water come from? How is its quality maintained?  And what’s so special about it? Journey with us from the underground spring, through layers of volcanic rock to the bottling process on the surface. We would love to welcome you for a free tour in our visitor centre in Gerolstein.  

Experience the bottling line and take a look into our production halls. Follow along on the great journey from the depths of the Volcanic Eifel to the water bottle in your hand. Get to know our innovative soda drinks and their production processes. Try some of our product samples and get to know the Gerolsteiner variety.  

A short film highlights key moments of Gerolsteiner history, supported by historical artefacts on display. Sustainable water management and our efforts to protect the springs and natural environment of the Volcanic Eifel are featured and emphasized throughout the exhibition.  

Opening Hours and Tours

Our visitor centre is open! Register for a guided tour via telephone, E-Mail or form (below). We offer tours from Monday to Thursday at 11:00 am and 2:00 pm. 


Gerolsteiner Besucherzentrum

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