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Gerolsteiner Brunnen - Verwaltung

Head office
06591 14-0

Verladung auf LKW

For retailers
06591 14-0

Gerolsteiner Verbraucherservice - Wir sind für Sie da!

For consumers
06591 949949

Gerolsteiner Besucherzentrum - Renate Schwartz & Mara Lames

For visitors
06591 14-238

Anke Gebhardt-Pielen

Contakt Fachmedien
Anke Gebhardt-Pielen
02225 8886791
0173 2779610

HR/training & apprentices
Kathi Nuß
06591 14-178

Kontakt Ausbildung und Berufserfahrene im technischen Bereich -Leo Schneider

HR/training and technical professionals
Leo Schneider
06591 14-171

Kontakt Praktika, Studenten und Hochschulabsolventen, Berufserfahrene im kaufmännischen Bereich - Mario Kaspari

HR/internships, students, university graduates, commercial professionals
Mario Kaspari
06591 14-179

Dr. Matthias Glötzner

Contact Regionale/Überregionale Medien
Dr. Matthias Glötzner
089 893563-417
0170 8514974

Sponsorship and donation requests

Gerolsteiner is committed to our social responsibility practices, and we believe they are an essential part of our business. Indeed, there are many projects deserve to be funded; however, we focus our support on a few selected organizations and projects in which we believe we can have a real impact. We hope you understand that we can not support all sponsorship and donation requests.