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Mobile drinking aids

Gerolsteiner’s DrinkCheck app enables you track how much fluid you drink daily so you can stay well hydrated. Our Mineral Waters app – is the mobile version of our popular Mineral Calculator and gives you an overview of nearly 500 internationally available waters.

Have you drunk enough water today?

It’s important for your overall health and wellness to stay well hydrated. No doubt, despite your best intentions, there are times when you fail to drink the recommended volume of fluids daily. With the Gerolsteiner DrinkCheck app, you can conveniently track your consumption. Due to its integration into the health app and the survey of the current weather there is no need for manual settings. The DrinkCheck app automatically calculates your daily requirements of fluids based on your steps, activity and the weather. Of course, you can handle your data manually as well.

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Gerolsteiner DrinkCheck app on an iPhone

Gerolsteiner Mineral Waters app on an iPhone

Your Mineral Calculator on the go

Whether at home, in the supermarket or out and about – the mineral calculator app Mineral Waters, enables you quickly and easily compare the mineral content of nearly 500 internationally available waters.

“Mineral Waters” app also gives you information on the essential nutrients found in mineral waters and the recommended daily requirements for each element.

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