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Eco-efficiency-analysis at Gerolsteiner

The analysis was conducted for Gerolsteiner in May 2005 by the BASF Corporation, Dr. P. Saling,Ludwigshafen, with the help of Michael Becker, Dr. Thomas Hens and Harald Jakoby.

All of the relevant bottling and packaging systems for our current and new beverages were compared, both disposable and reusable systems using glass or PET.

A study has shown that the light, reusable PET bottles are ecologically equal to the existing glass returnable system, due to returnability and high-quality recycling.

They have no disadvantages compared to composite carton packages and tube bags (which have so far been classified as ecological by the federal environmental agency).

In Germany it is no longer easy to differentiate clearly between reusable and non-reusable bottles, since all of them are subject to a deposit (with the exception of composite carton packages). What we offer to the consumer these days are the most ecological and economically most reasonable bottles for the respective use they are put to. The data, facts and figures from our Eco-efficiency-analysis clearly show this. Because of this we do not use Eco-labels for individual bottling systems, such as “Blue Angel“or “True Reusablity“.

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