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On the mineral water's trail?

On the mineral water's trail?

Gerolstein, June 6 2006 - did you know that a human being can go weeks without food, but only very few days without drinking? No? Well then continue reading.

Water - vital for us humans

Nothing goes without water. Surely you have at some point seen what happens to an indoor plant when it doesn't get any water. Its leaves start to droop and it dries out. The same thing happens to humans. After only three days without water life is already acutely in danger. Our bodies consist of about 70% water. Our brains are even made of 90% water. All of our organs are dependent on water for them to function properly. That is why we must drink enough every day to keep healthy and to feel well.

Most people drink only when they are thirsty. That is wrong! Feeling thirsty is already a cry for help from your body. You have drunk to little and will therefore get tired more quickly. You can also not concentrate so well anymore. Children especially often forget to drink because they don't have the time in between school, playing and romping about. When its hot outside and we sweat a lot our body loses a lot of moisture. The same thing happens when we exert ourselves and do sports. But then it is especially important to drink a lot.

How much to drink in a day?

Grownups require approximately 1.5 to 2 liters of water a day. Children should drink at least a liter a day - which means at least a large bottle. Mineral water or mineral water mixed with fruit juice (for instance Gerolsteiner Apfelsaftschorle or Gerolsteiner Fit) are ideal and quench thirst better than pure fruit juice. Lemonade or coke may taste good but contains too much sugar. Sugar is not good for the teeth and makes you fat. More often than not you get more thirsty from these drinks.

Mineral water - the ideal thirst-quencher!

The great thing about mineral water is that it not only tastes good and quenches your thirst. Additionally it contains many substances which your body requires and which make you feel well. They make sure that you don't feel tired so quickly and that you can concentrate better. This is why mineral water is the most popular soft drink in Germany. On average every German drinks approximately 128 liters a year.

Our mineral water comes from deep below the earth's surface. It stems from a subterranean spring. During its journey through the earth it absorbs many minerals. These minerals are especially important for children since they are still growing. Our bones and teeth require a lot of calcium. Magnesium and sodium are good for our muscles and help the body compensate for the loss of fluid during play and romping about.

Here's a couple of tips for you:

- drink regularly throughout the day. Don't wait until you are thirsty. Drink plenty especially while doing your homework or when engaging in sports!

- in school you should also drink mineral water or water mixed with juice so you can concentrate and remain alert.

- very important: drink whenever you eat!

- always remember: don't forget to drink while playing and romping about!

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