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Hydration tips and tricks  

Benefits for Life & Health

Water is a vital nutrient for your body and it is our most important staple food. Drinking Mineral Water is the healthiest, most natural way to hydrate. A sufficient water supply supports health and well-being, since water contributes to the preservation of normal physical and cognitive functions.

Gerolsteiner not only refreshes the body, but also supplies it with valuable minerals. Learn more about minerals and what makes them so important to the human organism.

Healthy Hydration

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On average, 60% of an adult's body weight is composed of water - water is present in almost every single cell of your body. As such, water is our most important macronutrient in quantitative terms. It is important to life as water is essential to practically all functions of the human body. Drinking Gerolsteiner Mineral Water maintains the balance of your body and mind.

Water is in fact the healthiest and most natural way to hydrate - it contains zero calories, no sugar and no added chemicals. Consuming mineral water assists the body in compensating for water losses experienced on a daily basis. Improving hydration and drinking habits can make a simple and significant contribution to promoting healthier lifestyles.

Drinking Mineral Water has additional health benefits you might not be aware of: It acts as a lubricant and cushion for the joints, helping to protect sensitive tissue from shock and it also aids in the digestion process, by helping to break down the foods you eat. Water containing magnesium supports your energy metabolism, muscle function and contribution to healthy bones.

Minerals for Your Body

Drinking Mineral Water helps to promote good health and a feeling well-being. But it is not only the amount of water you drink that is important - what the water contains is even more essential. With Gerolsteiner you can easily maintain your fluid balance while at the same time supplying your body with valuable minerals and trace elements:

Why is this so important? Minerals are important to the organism - the human body however is not capable of producing them. That is why minerals need to be provided as part of our food - the best way to do so is of course with Gerolsteiner!

Besides the level of mineralization, the types of minerals contained in the water are also of major importance. Every mineral has a specific effect on our health:

Beauty Secret: Mineral Water

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What's the best known beauty secret in the world? Exactly: Drinking, drinking, drinking! That's not only what models tell you, when you catch them with yet another bottle of Mineral Water in their hands, it's also what nutritionists will tell you:

Water is not only essential to a healthy lifestyle - it is also contribution to your beauty as it is an essential element of functional skin cells. A sufficient supply of liquids replenishes your body's moisture depots in the deeper layers of skin from the inside. Your well-being will increase and your complexion will be improved. Only this inner moisture ensures that our skin appears rosy and elastic. If the body is missing water, the water deposits in the skin cells decrease - without sufficient liquidity the skin becomes dry and rough, scaly and chapped. To recover, the skin urgently needs to be replenished with water.

The additional benefit of drinking water for your beauty is that Water provides a good blood circulation and thus a fresh complexion. Magnesium, calcium and potassium in many water products have electrolytes that exchange with enzymes in the skin to support healthy skin.

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Minerals in mineral water 

Find out what makes natural mineral water so special and where it comes from.  

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Mineralize your life

Two friends sitting together with Gerolsteiner in hand

minerals and mineral water

Calcium in mineral water 

Find out how calcium in Gerolsteiner mineral water supports your health and promotes your well-being. 

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minerals and mineral water

Magnesium in mineral water 

Find out how magnesium in Gerolsteiner mineral water supports your health and promotes your well-being. 

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We recommend drinking 2 liters of mineral water on a daily basis, in addition to a well balanced diet and an active lifestyle.

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