Companynews // 07/22/2010

Japanese enjoy Gerolsteiner Sprudel

Renowned Japanese water-sommelier visits Gerolsteiner


Gerolstein, July 22 2010. Japan's best known water-sommelier, Aki Yamanaka, visited Gerolsteiner last week to learn more about the connection between the special Geology of the Volcanic Eifel and the development if Gerolsteiner mineral water. Besides a tour of the company there was a geological excursion on the agenda, which was headed by Prof. Frank Sirocko, geoscientist at the University of Mainz. The Japanese expert was especially interested in his explanations concerning the mineral water landscape and Germany's geology - Japanese waters without exception by contrast only offer a very minimal degree of mineralization due to the Geology in Japan. Since Gerolsteiner has a high mineral content and yet a pleasantly refreshing flavor it is very popular in Japan. Only a few years after its introduction in 2003 the mineral water from the Volcanic Eifel is already market leader among carbonated mineral waters in the land of the rising sun. It is primarily sold in convenience stores such as 7-Eleven, which are of major importance there, as well as through beverage vending machines. 


According to Aki Yamanka it is especially the health benefiting effects of the minerals contained in Gerolsteiner, its natural purity and the natural carbonic acid that may be considered the most important selling points to Japanese consumers. The mineral water expert supports Gerolsteiner's informative campaign in her home country. She is the manager of the "Aqua Store", a store in Tokio that specializes in selling mineral water from all over the world. She offers courses on mineral water in an academy. In these courses she covers subjects such as flavor, positive health effects and the origins and development of mineral water. 


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