Companynews // 09/30/2013

Gerolsteiner is also expanding its position as the international market leader

Gerolsteiner is not only the market leader among mineral water brands in Germany, people abroad also know how to appreciate the mineral water from Vulkaneifel. Gerolsteiner is the most exported German mineral water and is the number 1 globally among carbonated mineral waters. As the Gerolsteiner Brunnen GmbH & Co. KG indicated on the occasion of the Anuga food fair in Cologne, the company was able to grow in 2012 both on the German market and internationally. The signs point to further growth in 2013. Overall in the first seven months of this year Gerolsteiner exports rose by a volume of 6.6%. "Gerolsteiner has grown particularly strongly in Belgium with a nearly 19 percent increase, and in the USA & Canada where our sales have increased by over 16 percent compared to the same period last year. And in Japan too Gerolsteiner is very well positioned with a 6.5 per cent growth ", explains Axel Dahm, the Chairman of the Board of Directors at Gerolsteiner Brunnen. Gerolsteiner Brunnen, which has appeared as an exhibitor at the Cologne trade fair for many years, sees the Anuga as an important platform for exports. "We use the Anuga especially to meet importers to maintain existing contacts and make new ones, and to create new markets", says Dietmar Spille, manager of the international division at Gerolsteiner. 


Exports offer interesting perspectives


The Gerolsteiner brand, which celebrates its 125th anniversary this year, has been marketed internationally since its beginnings. Company founder Wilhelm Castendyck already recognised the opportunities for exporting. "In the 19th century German mineral water companies presented themselves much more naturally than they do today on the international stage", Dahm explains. "For several years, Gerolsteiner?s international business has again been playing an important strategic role, even if today it represents only 5 percent of our total sales. The market potential for quality mineral water is great. We see very promising prospects, especially in the Asian market in which still water sales dominate.  Gerolsteiner Sparkling is creating an exciting market niche for itself there".

Gerolsteiner mineral water can today be purchased in over 40 countries worldwide - in Mallorca as well as in Russia, South Korea, Thailand and the United Arab Emirates. The export focus is on the Benelux countries, Japan and the USA.


International marketing is aimed at quality


The quality and the geologically based high mineral content of the Gerolsteiner Sparkling mineral water can be found at the centre of the international marketing activities. For example, the successful German advertising campaign "Water with a star" was adapted as the "Water at its best" for the U.S. market. Under the headline -Mineralize Your Life? American consumers experience how Gerolsteiner mineral water can help them meet their daily calcium and magnesium requirement. Also to the Internet portal has in the meantime been added an international version - There you can compare the mineral content of many international brands of water with the values contained in Gerolsteiner water.

Focus on the core product Gerolsteiner Sparkling


While Gerolsteiner in Germany offers a wide range of mineral water based natural soft drinks, in the international arena, the company focuses on its core product Gerolsteiner Sparkling, which was introduced at various times in several countries alongside the still mineral water Gerolsteiner Naturell. Moreover Gerolsteiner Apple Spritzer belongs to the portfolio in other European countries. Specifically for export Gerolsteiner has developed a 0.75 litre and a 0.33 litre lightweight glass bottle which contributes significantly to the international success of the brand.  In addition, the mineral water company also offers its products internationally in PET bottles of various sizes (0.5 litres, 1 litre, and 1.5 litres).


Visit us at the Gerolsteiner stand at the Anuga: Hall 8.1 Stands E039 E037