Natural carbonation

Carbonic acid from the source originates deep within the earth. Cooled magma of volcanic mass releases carbonic acid, which then permeates the natural mineral water.

Strongly carbonated mineral water usually stems from regions of with strong volcanic activity in their past.

Prior to the actual bottling process, the source-inherent carbonic acid is removed from the mineral water and then re-added again – this is how the varieties “classic“, “medium“ and “naturell“ are produced. The carbonation affects the flavor and has preservative properties.

Carbonic acid from the source is used for the production of Gerolsteiner Mineral Water. The carbonic acid from all of Gerolsteiner's sources is collected and mixed. Then it is used to re-carbonate the product. Besides the natural carbonic acid from our sources, we also use natural sourced carbonic acid from regions in the Volcanic Eifel that are located close to our own source and that do not differ from our own in their natural composition.

Gerolsteiner Sparkling is refreshingly highly carbonated, containing 7 g/l of carbonic acid. Medium contains 4,5 g/l of carbonic acid.

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