Gerolsteiner Naturell in der 1,0-Liter-Glasflasche

Glass is well suited to the quality standards of a first-class mineral water. Many consumers experience the the look-and-feel of glass bottles to be of a higher standard; there is a high percentage of consumers that specifically buy mineral water in glass bottles, especially in our key target group of brand and quality aware consumers. The glass segment was neglected for a long time by the mineral water companies. Contrary to developments regarding PET bottles, there was a lack of innovative impetus – until Gerolsteiner introduced a new 1.0 liter reusable glass bottle, in a handy 6-bottle-case, to the market in July 2010. This combination was awarded the “reusable packaging innovation award“of the German Environmental Aid Association (DUH) and the Foundation For Initiative Reusabilty (SIM) in September 2011. The award, which has been awarded four times so far since 2006, commends visionary innovations and initiatives in the area of reusability systems.

Glass remains the preferred bottle material in the gastronomy. 

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