Gerolsteiner mineral water

There are about 500 different mineral waters in Germany. Depending on the geological conditions at the source and depending on the layers of rock the water permeated, there are significant differences in regards to the level and composition of minerals in the water – and thus also in regards to the flavor.

There are mineral waters that contain practically no or only very little minerals.

Although these waters provide calorie-free fluid, they do not supply any minerals important to the organism.

Besides the level, it is also the type of minerals that determine how much of a healthy and well-balanced dietary contribution a mineral water can provide.

When the mineral content of mineral water exceeds 1,500 milligrams per liter it may be designated “High mineral content“. The mineral content of Gerolsteiner Sparkling and Gerolsteiner Medium is especially high and well balanced due to the water's origin in the Volcanic Eifel. There are two distinctive geological characteristics that converge in the Gerolstein region: Carbonic acid of volcanic origin and dolomite rock rich in calcium and magnesium. Due to this, every liter of Gerolsteiner Sparkling or Gerolsteiner Medium is infused with 2,479 milligrams of minerals.

Because of the excellent balance between calcium, magnesium and hydrocarbonate, these mineral waters taste pleasantly neutral and refreshing.

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