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There are clear differences in the mineral content of all mineral waters; you can contrast and compare their quality and mineral content with our handy Mineral Calculator.

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No two mineral waters are the same: the layers of bedrock that the water has flowed through in its source region determine the amount and composition of natural ingredients in the mineral water. The level and type of mineralization in each water in turn determines the taste of that mineral water.

You can discover and compare the mineralization of Gerolsteiner with nearly 500 other internationally available waters using our Mineral Calculator.

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Whether at home, in the supermarket or on the move – with the mineral calculator app Mineral Waters, you can always quickly and easily compare nearly 500 international mineral water brands. You can also learn more about the individual ingredients (for example, calcium, magnesium and bicarbonate) of each mineral water, and how they contribute to your recommended daily requirement.

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DrinkCheck - your daily reminder

Gerolsteiner’s DrinkCheck app helps you stay on top of your daily beverage consumption to ensure you are staying healthfully hydrated every day. The app calculates varying factors such as temperature, physical activity and food water content and then recommends the amount of fluids you need to consume that day.