How safe and protected is mineral water?

Hardly any other food or beverage is as strictly monitored as natural mineral water because it is the only foodstuff that must have official approval before it can be sold. At Gerolsteiner, the approval process is supported by more than 200 individual inspections. The Mineral and Table Water Regulation (MTVO) determines exactly when a mineral water can be designated as such, how it must be packaged, how it’s labelled and much more.

Regular analyses test a mineral water’s composition to guarantee its original purity. Before our mineral water products leave the company, the mineral content, the carbonic acid levels, microbiology and other aspects are all comprehensively tested. Our products meet the MTVO’s highest requirements and all can be sold as “natural mineral water”. Aside from our own daily internal checks, independent institutes, an example of which is The Fresenius Institute, conduct regular quality analyses. There are also official government inspections both at the source and in the marketplace.