How does Gerolsteiner make sure that the mineral water is free from pollutants?

Gerolsteiner mineral water comes from subterranean aquifers in Gerolstein in the Volcanic Eifel. The deep protected wells of the Gerolstein syncline produce natural mineral water of pristine purity and balanced mineralization. Production depth is up to 250 metres. In contrast to ground water, and most spring water, mineral water is protected against direct environmental influences.

Natural mineral water may not contain any substances that can potentially harm people or the environment. Apart from the naturally occurring minerals, it is tested to determine whether harmful substances are present in the mineral water. Our mineral water is tested for around 240 parameters, including but not limited to, nitrates, heavy metals, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, pesticides, fertilizers, and germs or other known harmful substances, such as plasticisers.