Do hormones from PET bottle seep into the mineral water?

A University of Frankfurt am Main study published in 2009 triggered the discussion about “environmental hormones” in mineral water. Since then, experts from around the world have dismissed the study. It is nothing more than a false alarm. Subsequent scientific institutes, such as the University of Stuttgart, the Swiss Water Research Institute EAWAG and the (German) Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR), have inspected mineral water from PET bottles for the hormone-like substances and could not find evidence of relevant oestrogenic substances. During re-tests, even the authors of the Frankfurt study determined values 6,000 times lower than cited in their first report. So, the scientific community have completely dismissed any suspicion that “hormonally active substances” can be found in mineral water from PET bottles. The first study has been invalidated.

Regardless these research results, Gerolsteiner Mineral Water is regularly checked for drug and hormones residues as our commitment to ensuring our water’s pristine quality.