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Try these everyday relaxation exercises suitable for both home and work



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Tips for switching off and recharging

Learn how you can replenish your energy reserves and at the same time rediscover your inner balance.

1. Vibrant Glow!

Incorporate Gerolsteiner into your home beauty routine. Perk up your energy and complexion by soaking cotton-wool balls in ice-cold mineral water, then place on your face, neck and chest for up to five minutes. Wash your hair with a mixture of four tablespoons of lemon juice and two cups of mineral water for shiny and fragrant hair.

2. Laughter is healthy

People who laugh a lot are healthier than others. Hearty laughter releases positive energy, strengthens circulation and the immune system, stimulates respiration and simply makes you feel happy. Even a small smile suffices – the main thing is for the corners of your mouth to turn up. It is the movement of those muscles, which release the necessary hormones responsible for feelings of joy.

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3. Holiday for the senses!

Two to three drops of scented oils is all you need to be able to relax. Whether you inhale them, have an aromatic bath or indulge your skin with an aroma-oil massage – essential oils create a great atmosphere in no time at all and can prompt your everyday tensions to evaporate. The fragrance of roses is beguiling, mint is refreshing and lemon is reviving.

4. Pinch me!

Water makes your body tissues suppler and leaves your skin rosy and fresh. Without sufficient moisture from within your skin can dry out, and dry skin can prompt aging. Taking a pinch test several times a day can quickly tell you if your skin needs hydration: Lightly pinch the skin underneath your eyes. If it takes a long time to smoothen out again, there is only one remedy: drink, drink, drink.

5. Banish headaches!

Got a headache? A cold gel mask can help banish the pain. It quite literally cools the pain away! It is best to place the mask on your closed eyes, your forehead or the nape of your neck – then simply relax for ten minutes. For an alternative to a gel mask, put a wet hand towel into the freezer for 10 minutes.

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6. Calm down, sip by sip

Are you just about to blow your top? Quickly go and get a large glass of Gerolsteiner and drink it slowly sip by sip. This is how you can wash away your agitation. The process of swallowing requires you to focus and thus has an immediate calming effect on the vegetative nervous system.

7. Beautiful prospects

When things start getting too much for you, take a quick time-out. Focus on a favourite image or photo, for example, a beautifully white sandy beach or a photograph of your loved ones. During times of stress, let your eyes wander over the scene and allow your imagination to roam. All it takes is a minute or two!

8. Show stress the yellow card!

Colours have a proven effect on the mind. For example, sunshine yellow inspires creativity and makes you feel cheerful. Incorporate bright notes into your wardrobe with colourful accessories, like socks, ties, jewellery or scarves. During the day let your eyes rest on colourful items or surfaces, take a few deep slow breathes and your minor lows will be a thing of the past!

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9. Music is in the air!

What would life be without music? Whether Elvis or new age, Mozart or heavy metal, music is like medicine – the perfect mood enhancer. Music makes it possible to forget everything that is going on around you. Diverse rhythms can be either relaxing or stimulating; it speaks to us all in different ways.

The two-hour well-being routine

You don’t have much time, but want to do something good for yourself? Here is our two hour pampering routine:


Refreshing smoothie

Herb lemon bath