Companynews // 03/13/2009

"The water with a star": Gerolsteiner launches a new quality-campaign

Gerolsteiner, market leader in mineral water, is focusing on the issue of quality in its new campaign. Axel Dahm, head of the executive board of the Gerolsteiner Brunnen GmbH & Co. KG, explains: "Gerolsteiner is a very special mineral water. It distinguishes itself from other waters by its exceptionally high and well balanced mineral content and its excellent smooth flavor. The campaign's aim is to get this superior quality across to the customer, and to convince consumers: Gerolsteiner is the best water for me".

"Gerolsteiner. The water with a star." That is the slogan that captivates the distinctiveness and the exceptional quality of the product. It also alludes to the red star with the lion crest ? Gerolsteiner's trademark for over a hundred years. The campaign has turned the Gerolsteiner star into a symbol of quality and has implemented it as a visual element throughout the media.

The campaign has been on air since March 9 2009 and was launched with a new TV-spot. Under the motto "Water with a star" a vignette play captures various scenes from everyday life that show Gerolsteiner mineral water to be the ideal companion in every circumstance. The emotional sequences for instance show a woman using a bottle of Gerolsteiner as a water-level ("Balance with a star"). A scene in school shows how a secret note written on a mineral water bottle is passed on ("Solution with a star"). A couple on a lake takes a refreshing drink of Gerolsteiner ("Coolness with a star"), an amateur soccer plays a prank on his teammate after a game by secretly shaking his mineral water bottle before he opens it ("Refreshment with a star"). The spots are scheduled for target group relevant airtime on the national TV channels ARD, RTL, PRO7, SAT.1, VOX, Kabel1, Super RTL, n-tv and n24. The target group consists of people in between 30 and 59 years of age.

In order to ideally combine image buildup and information, the TV-spots - which primarily create awareness - have been supplemented by an awareness and education campaign in the print and online media and at the POS, which kicked off in May. The campaign offers information on product advantages (such as for instance the minerals, the origins in the Volcanic Eifel, the flavor), elaborates on the benefits of the product and offers a rational explanation for the superior quality of the Gerolsteiner water. Advertisements are placed in high-circulation consumer magazines and daily newspapers. Deepblue netwoks is executive agency, media planning is conducted by mediaedge:cia.