Companynews // 06/12/2006

Switch off for a moment and enjoy!

Switch off for a moment and enjoy!

Gerolstein, 06/12/2006. Stress, a hectic pace, not enough time for breaks let alone regeneration. And this regardless of whether the incredibly important presentation has to be completed quickly, whether the kindergarten is closing soon or whether the baker has no rolls left.

According to social psychologists "Germany is momentarily in a fever for experiences". Due to the changes in our traditional daily routines, for instance flexible working hours, people try to experience more and to get more and more things done every day: this results in a continuous state of exhaustion and the feeling of not having achieved enough during the day. It is exactly in this situation that consumers require an authentic and natural companion for the "micro breaks" - the modern way of regenerating in every day life. An honest companion that doesn't promise more than what it is.

Gerolsteiner Moment is an exceptional drink for a micro break - a gentle balance of natural Gerolsteiner mineral water, delicious tea and fruity juice.

Whether at home, on the job or on the road. The gentle, light mineral water with the special rich essence of tea and the unobtrusive fresh hint of fruit is especially light and tasty. Whenever one feels the need to relax a little - the micro break turns into untroubled pleasure with Gerolsteiner Moment. Every day, every hour, every minute. One takes a brief time out, remains balanced and is then straight back in the thick of life.

This idea for a drink, based on Gerolsteiner mineral water, is the answer to the consumer's desire for a light relaxing beverage. An alternative to simple juices, which are too strong in many situations, and to tea, which is too much of a hassle to make. Gerolsteiner Moment offers the ideal balance.

Everyone can choose his personal Gerolsteiner Moment in the varieties White Tea & Pear or Green Tea & Grape. Both compositions are well balanced and unique.

Gerolsteiner Moment is of course low in calories and available for purchase in well stocked shops and stores both in 0.5 l and 1.0 l PET bottles.

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