Companynews // 02/16/2011

Product of the year 2011


Gerolsteiner just won a renowned German award - the product of the year 2011, silver ? for its new 1.0 L returnable glass bottle in a six-bottle crate for Gerolsteiner Sprudel, Medium and Naturell in the category "non alcoholic beverages".


The "product of the year award" honours products, which are highly innovative and consumer-friendly. Every year 10.000 consumers express their opinion in different categories f.e. beverage, body care, household items, lipsticks and sweets.


In contrast to ordinary 12 x 0.7 L crates Gerolsteiner´s new six-bottle crate is much lighter. Additionally its convenient form and the carry handle in the middle ensure the easy carrying. Many consumers would rather like to drink out of glass bottles than out of PET bottles, but due to practical reasons tend to buy PET bottles. With the new packaging Gerolsteiner aims to attract these glass liking consumers.


Furthermore with the invention of the new package a product launch has taken place: For the first time Gerolsteiner Naturell, the natural mineral water without carbon dioxide and only slight mineralization, is available in glass bottles.