Companynews // 08/28/2000

Largest German well association puts a noticeable distance between itself and the market in the first seven months of the year

Gerolstein, 28 August 2000. By 7/31/2000, the Gerolsteiner Group increased its sales of mineral water and soft drinks to 5.3 million hectoliters. In comparison to the previous year that is a plus of 9.3 percent. With these numbers, the largest German well association has managed to surpass both the targets it set itself as well as the development of the entire mineral water industry, which shows a growth of 2.3 percent over the same time period.


Excellent results presented by the group companies

The Gerolsteiner Brunnen GmbH & Co., Germany's largest single spring, managed to sell 4.1 million hectoliters of mineral water and soft drinks by 7/31/2000. This is the equivalent of a 10.5 percent increase compared to the reference period. The single brands were thereby able to further increase their share up until June 2000: Gerolsteiner Sprudel, the most popular brand of mineral water in Germany, boosted its value based market share to 10.1 percent (1999: 8.7 %) - in the carbonated mineral water segment. The carbon dioxide reduced Gerolsteiner Stille Quelle fortified its leading position in the segment for CO2-reduced mineral water, with a value based market share of 11.3 percent (10.9 %).

This means, that Germany's citizens spend one out of every ten marks spent on mineral water for Gerolsteiner branded products.

The largest sales growth within the Gerolsteiner Group is due to the Bad Pyrmonter Mineral- und Heilquellen GmbH in the Weserbergland. It managed a total increase of 11.4 percent compared to 1999, selling 270,000 hectoliters in the first seven months.

By 7/31/2000, the Margon Brunnen GmbH in Saxony managed to increase its sales by a total of 6.6 percent to 480,000 hectoliters ? thus being amongst the leading brands in the new (eastern) federal states.

With growth of 2,1 percent to 337,000 hectoliters, the development of the Glashäger Brunnen GmbH in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania is in line with the market.

The Birresborner Phönix Sprudel GmbH , situated in the Eifel, managed again to achieve sales of 77,000 hectoliters ? remaining on level with the previous year.


PET reusable containers are crucial factor for the positive development of the Gerolsteiner Group

The PET reusable bottle plays an important part in the positive sales development of the Gerolsteiner Group. This modern reusable container is showing continuously rising numbers in sales. Already almost every third mineral water bottle sold by the Gerolsteiner Well is made of PET.

This documents how quickly the new packaging material is being accepted by the consumer.

The recently presented comparative study of various packaging systems for non-alcoholic beverages by the Federal Environmental Agency - within the frame of an environmental performance evaluation, additionally shows the ecological advantages of the PET reusable container.