Companynews // 09/02/2005

Gerolsteiner's 7-month-turnover on level with previous year

Gerolstein, 2 September 2005. The Gerolsteiner Brunnen GmbH & Co. KG reasserts its market leadership in 2005. With a value based market share of 9 percent (source: AC Nielsen, status July 2005) Gerolsteiner remains the leading brand in the mineral water industry.


In the first seven months the Gerolsteiner Brunnen GmbH & Co. KG generated a turnover of 115 million euros and is thus on the same level as the previous year. Sales are at 4.07 million hectoliters.

The company's innovations-campaign, that began in 2003, has had significant influence on stabilizing market leadership. In the meantime, 12.3 percent of the turnover is generated by products that have been around no longer than three years. To be mentioned here especially is the innovative product Gerolsteiner Fit, which has been going through a very successful market launch since April 2005.

Furthermore, Gerolsteiner Apfelschorle in the 0.75 liter PET bottle (on the market since June 2004) as well as Gerolsteiner Naturell (market launch May 2003) are showing a positive development.

"The strategy regarding Gerolsteiner as a brand, adopted in cooperation with Gerolsteiner's advisory board and presided over by chairman Dr. Michael Dietzsch, has been clearly formulated: our innovations-campaign will be continued. We will keep vitalizing the market by the further introduction of new products. In October the season concepts "Sonnenvitamin" (sun vitamin) and "Milder Winter" (mild winter) will be introduced to the market" says Jörg Croseck, Gerolsteiner's Managing Director of marketing, distribution and personnel. "This is an absolute novelty. There has never been a season concept in limited edition in the mineral water industry before."


A further fundamental part of the innovations-campaign: investments in new technology and facilities. These will amount to approximately 20 million euros in 2005. The biggest investment of 12.5 million euros will go to a new bottling facility. Gerolsteiner will be one of the first German mineral water companies to adopt this facility's highly modern technology. The new facility functions following the principle of aseptic cold bottling. Gerolsteiner will thus expand its capabilities for bottling according to the strictest of hygiene requirements.

All in all, the mineral water market is showing a continuation in its development over the past years: on the sales-level the market has notably grown compared to the previous year (7 percent) - but this growth is exclusively due to private and low cost brands offered by discount stores. Every third bottle of mineral water in Germany is sold in this segment. (source: AC Nielsen, status July 2005)

Jörg Croseck: "We stand by our promise: together with the distributive trade, we as a brand name company are working on solutions that are oriented towards the consumer's demands. It is our goal to come up with the right solution for every occasion that may require a drink. The success we have had with our innovations shows that we are on the right track."

The Gerolsteiner Brunnen GmbH & Co. KG is the leading company in Germany's mineral water industry. The company based in the volcanic Eifel and its 790 employees produced a net goods turnover of 198 million euros in 2004.



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