Companynews // 02/24/2006

Gerolsteiner will grow with new products in 2006

Decrease in sales in accordance with the market conditions confirms the necessity of innovations

Gerolstein, 27th of January 2006. With a sales volume of 6,75 Mio hl mineral waters and soft drinks Gerolsteiner Brunnen GmbH & Co. KG is down on last year by 3,6%. Mainly the traditional segment of carbonated mineral water was pressurized by growing discounters, who gained in importance.

The company realized significant assets in the range of its new products. The share of products, which were introduced in the last 3 years is equivalent to 12%. Considerable increase was achieved by the national gastronomy business and exports.

With a net turnover of 193,6 Mio EUR (minus 2,2%) the company is reflected in a steady state. Gerolsteiner maintained its market leadership with a market share on value basis of 9% (source: AC Nielsen) within the national mineral water market.

From specialist of mineral water to provider of natural soft drinks

The first semester 2006 will be dedicated to market-orientated and consumer-orientated new products and packagings. The program of launching starts from 1st of April 2006 with the introduction of a wellness drink as well as aromatized fruity variants of the non-carbonated mineral water Gerolsteiner Naturell. To the 1st of June a sports drink will be introduced.

Gerolsteiner counteracts the amendment of the German packaging ordinance with 12 different packaging variants of so that the development from a mineral water specialist to a supplier of soft drinks will be continued.

Jörg Croseck, spokesman of the management, states:

"Massive pressure on traditional mineral water products caused by discounters and low cost suppliers demands a maximal orientation on market requirements. The significant high share of new products on our operating result confirms the correctness to ensure further growth with innovations and new products. The basis for successful introductions has been provided with capital spending in technology and market research. We continue with our strategy for the Gerolsteiner brand, which is adopted by our advisory board as follows: Growth on the basis of innovations in products and packagings as well as in exports."

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