Companynews // 03/06/2006

Gerolsteiner presents innovative products and packaging at the Internorga

Gerolstein, March 3 2006. New products and packaging solely geared toward the consumer and based on natural ingredients are the focus of Gerolsteiner's goods exhibit. The Gerolsteiner Brunnen is thus continuing its evolution from mineral water specialist to supplier of natural non-alcoholic beverages.


With the new Mineral-Water-Plus drinks Gerolsteiner is purposefully expanding its range of products in the segment of non-alcoholic beverages. "Natural ingredients is what we are focussing on here", explains Jörg Croseck, managing director of marketing, sales and personnel at the Gerolsteiner Brunnen. "Our market research shows that it is especially the quality of the ingredients that is a deciding factor in the consumers choice of beverage." Every Gerolsteiner Mineral-Water-Plus product is thus based on real fruit juice or concentrated fruit juice, purely natural flavors and natural fructose. The products are also free of coloring and preservatives.


The new packaging is also completely adapted to the consumers - individual consumption preferences: PET packaging in sizes 0.5 liters, 1.0 liters and 1.5 liters has been added to the existing range of products "Gerolsteiner thus continues to offer its products in packaging demanded by the consumer ? in the traditional case as well as in visually expressive packaging", says Jörg Croseck.


Gerolsteiner is expanding its competence on the market for non-alcoholic beverages without loosing touch with the company's roots as a specialist for mineral water. New technology in bottling as well as changes in the packaging law, which will be in effect as of May 1 2006, have made the product range expansion possible.


The company is thus continuing its strategy regarding Gerolsteiner as a brand: Growth through product and packaging innovations and through export.


Gerolsteiner's new products 2006


Gerolsteiner Naturell plus fruit is non-carbonated mineral water with a hint of fruit that is completely of natural origin, bringing "color" and variety to life and to the consumption of mineral water. Based on natural mineral water (Gerolsteiner Naturell) it is available in the varieties apple, orange and lemon. It contains 3 percent fruit juice, natural flavoring and natural fructose. The flavored water will be introduced on April 1 2006..


Gerolsteiner Moment is available in the flavors green tee & grape and white tee & pear. Gerolsteiner Moment is a well balanced product concept that has been specially designed according the consumer's desire for a drink suited to small breaks in everyday life. The mixture of mineral water, tee and juice combines ease, relaxation and pleasure with the routine of everyday life. The low calorie near-water- drink is a well balanced mixture of quality ingredients containing 10 percent juice and 17 percent white tee or respectively 25 percent green tee. Market launch will be on April 1 2006.


With Gerolsteiner Sport Gerolsteiner is for the first time launching a product in the segment for sports beverages as of June 1 2006. The isotonic grapefruit flavored electrolyte drink contains 7 percent fruit juice and natural flavors, natural fructose and natural sea salt electrolytes. Also, the drink's level of carbohydrate is perfectly balanced. The formula thus adheres to sports-physiological demands. Medical studies on the physiological effects are currently being conducted at the German sports college in Cologne.


With the target of covering the entire spectrum of the Gerolsteiner umbrella brand name, Gerolsteiner Lemon Fresh has been re-launched in an optimized formula under the new name Gerolsteiner Sprudel plus lemon.


Besides the promotion of the company's competence regarding multiple varieties Gerolsteiner thus aims to cater to all of the relevant consumer needs.