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Gerolsteiner opens up new markets in Eastern Europe

Gerolstein/Cologne, October 8, 2011. The leading export brand among German mineral waters and the world?s number 1 in sparkling mineral waters is further expanding its business in the Eastern European region. Although per capita water consumption in Eastern European countries is considerably lower than in Germany (40 litres on average as compared to roughly 167 litres), the growth of individual markets, including Poland, offers great potential due to the current low level of penetration by retail brands. "According to market research companies, Eastern Europe can expect a gross domestic product growth of around 30 percent in the coming years. That presents exciting market opportunities for premium brands such as Gerolsteiner," explains Axel Dahm, CEO of Gerolsteiner Brunnen GmbH & Co. KG.


The retail landscape in Central and Eastern Europe has strongly diverged in the last 15 years. Therefore expansion in different parts of the region requires various strategies. Gerolsteiner is responding to that need by recognising the distinction between markets and handling them in ways that specifically address their individual requirements. For example in the Ukraine, Gerolsteiner products are sold directly by the largest food retailer, the Fozzy Group, while in Russia, the focus lies on a targeted regional approach through the catering industry.


Gerolsteiner is pursuing this strategy for its newly opened markets in Poland and Bulgaria.

In Poland, the mineral water producer has been selling its products Sprudel and Naturell in 0.75 litre gourmet package bottles since April 2011 throughout Warsaw's catering sector. An expansion to other major cities is planned for 2012. In June, Gerolsteiner was also able to access the Bulgarian market. In addition to the products Sprudel and Naturell in 0.25 litre gourmet package bottles for the catering industry, Gerolsteiner Sprudel is also available in retail grocery stores in 1.0 litre glass and 1.5 litre PET bottles. Apart from the capital of Sofia, the main focus lies on the attractive tourist regions along the Black Sea Coast.


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