Companynews // 09/30/2013

Gerolsteiner: Modern lightweight glass bottles support export growth

Mineral water from Gerolstein in the Vulkaneifel is also in demand in the USA, Japan and 40 other countries. As in the German market, in addition to the quality of the product the choice of packaging also plays an important role where international marketing is concerned. To further expand its position in the mineral water market Gerolsteiner - the world's leading brand among carbonated mineral waters - is offering its mineral water henceforth in an individually branded lightweight glass bottle especially developed for export. 


"Our new glass containers are of high quality, lightweight and yet durable. They are suited for use in the trade and also for the dining-out industry.  Therefore they meet all requirements of a modern glass bottle in the premium mineral water market", explains Axel Dahm, Chairman of the Board of Directors at Gerolsteiner Brunnen GmbH & Co. KG.

The design of the lightweight glass bottles is adapted from the Gerolsteiner 1.0 litre PET bottles which are familiar in Germany.


Significant sales momentum through lightweight glass containers


Sales of Gerolsteiner in lightweight glass bottles rose disproportionately from 2011 to 2012. Given the significant impulses which are bringing the modern glass bottles to international business, Gerolsteiner is from 2014 also introducing the still mineral water Gerolsteiner Naturell and Gerolsteiner Apple Spritzer in 0.75 litre and 0.33 litre glass containers.


Initially the lightweight glass bottle was brought onto the market in the USA as 0.75 litre glass containers. Since July 2013 Gerolsteiner mineral water has also been available there in a handy 0.33 litre lightweight glass bottle. Moreover in the mean time the mineral water company has started successfully using both new lightweight glass containers in Thailand, South Korea, Spain, Russia and the United Arab Emirates. "In the medium term the modern lightweight glass bottles will be introduced in all international markets supplied by Gerolsteiner", reports Dietmar Spille, the manager of the international division at Gerolsteiner.


Consumers want mineral water in both PET and glass


Looking at the differences in consumer preferences for mineral water consumption Gerolsteiner is using both glass and PET packaging in Germany and in its international business.  In most countries Gerolsteiner is available in both packaging options. Gerolsteiner Sparkling and the still mineral water Gerolsteiner Naturell are available in PET small containers (0.5 litres) and the 1.0 litre PET bottle.  Gerolsteiner Sparkling is additionally available in an elegant large-volume 1.5-liter PET bottle.  Gerolsteiner has also developed a 0.45-liter PET bottle specifically for the Japanese market for the highly frequented drinks machines there. In Germany, the distribution of packaging for Gerolsteiner products in 2012 was 72 percent PET to 28 percent glass; refillable bottles account for 80 per cent of the Gerolsteiner containers sold. With regard to exports the relationship is 60% Gerolsteiner PET containers to 40 per cent glass.