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Gerolsteiner is leading mineral water brand in GermanyTurnover gain exceeds general market development

Mid-year press release 2007

Gerolsteiner is leading mineral water brand in Germany

Turnover gain exceeds general market development


Gerolstein, 08/31/2007. In the first seven months of 2007 the Gerolsteiner Brunnen GmbH & Co. KG achieved a net goods turnover of 125.1 million euros, thus managing a plus of 1.5 percent compared to the previous year. The sales of 4.2 million hectoliters corresponds to the amount sold last year. With a value based market share of eight percent Gerolsteiner is thus the leading mineral water brand in Germany. Additionally, for the third time in a row the readers of Readers Digest magazine voted Gerolsteiner to be the "most trustworthy brand" in the soft drinks market segment.


The sales trend in 2007 for the entire industry was influenced strongly by outstandingly good sales in the first third of the year, followed by a so far only mediocre summer. Compared to the previous year the industry thus shows a minus of about 1 percent in sales and turnover (Source: AC Nielsen, July 2007).


Non-reusable packaging and innovations continue to be the driving force behind the industry's growth. The percentage of non-reusable packaging in the national packaging mix for non-alcoholic beverages has risen from 49 percent in the previous year to 57 percent this year. (Source: GfK, January - July 2007). Gerolsteiner is participating in this trend and has increased the percentage of non-reusable packaging from 12 to 19 percent.


Two product innovations show an exceedingly positive development: Gerolsteiner Linée - the first natural and functional vitality drink in Germany, which was introduced on June 1 2007, and Gerolsteiner Moment - the product innovation of 2006. "Both Gerolsteiner Linée and Gerolsteiner Moment have by far exceeded our expectations. Our transformation from mineral water specialist to supplier of natural non-alcoholic beverages is steadily progressing. For the first time the share of mineral-water-plus products will be exceeding the ten percent mark", thus a company spokesman.


The Gerolsteiner Brunnen GmbH & Co. KG is the leading company in Germany's mineral water industry. With its approximately 800 employees the company, which is based in the Volcanic Eifel, generated a net goods turnover of 208.8 million euros and is meanwhile exporting its products to 35 countries. Primary shareholders of the Gerolsteiner Brunnen GmbH & Co. KG are the Bitburger Getränkegruppe with 51 percent and the Buse-Gruppe, Bad Hönningen with 33 percent. A further 16 percent of the company shares are held privately.


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