Companynews // 09/15/2008

Gerolsteiner FIT - fit through the day

Gerolsteiner FIT - fit through the day

Gerolsteiner, market leader of the German mineral water industry introduced a new and unique beverage to the market. Gerolsteiner FIT has been available since 15th September 2008.

"The concept behind Gerolsteiner FIT has been consistently designed with the requirements and demands of the consumer in mind. They demand enjoyment and variety, more than just water, but less fruit than in a fruit juice spritzer, something natural which is a healthy source of energy".

At the workplace:

The screen flickers, your eyes are getting heavy, concentration is ebbing away.

While traveling:

traffic jams are annoying you, the engine rumbles monotonously, fatigue is setting in.

Something for in-between:

Heading into the afternoon, a craving for something sweet sets in, something of an energy kick is urgently required.

"Fit was the first pure natural/functional mineral water on the German market".

Gerolsteiner mineral water containing calcium and potassium, slightly carbonated, 20 percent apple and lemon juice, natural vitamin C and glucose. Due to its light composition Gerolsteiner FIT is especially suited to those who drink a lot.

During work or in your free time, the energy kick provided by FIT quite naturally prevents the minor lows that can occur during everyday life!

The combination of natural vitamin C and fruit sugar is a natural source of energy that ensures that people are ideally able to deal with the day to day challenges they are faced with.

The new Gerolsteiner FIT is available in a handy and light 0.5 liter PET non-reusable bottle as well as in0.75 liter PET returnable bottle, the ideal sizes both at home and for taking along.

Gerolsteiner stands for quality and trust. Which is one of the major reasons why the company, which is located in the Volcanic Eifel, is market leader in Germany's mineral water industry; product variety and suitability to everyday life ? Gerolsteiner offers the suitable solution for every taste and every situation.