Companynews // 03/12/2010

Gerolsteiner again proves to be an initiative innovator for the water market

Mineral water company presents groundbreaking container innovations at the Internorga

Gerolstein/Hamburg: March 12, 2010. In 2010, Gerolsteiner, market leader amongst producers of first-class quality mineral water, once again proves to be an initiator of innovations for the German mineral water market. The company presented a wide spectrum of innovations at the Internorga in Hamburg.

"Since our product is by its very nature unique ? the quality of Gerolsteiner's mineral water is due to the special geological circumstances at its source in the Volcanic Eifel - the focus of our innovations is usually on packaging, aimed at accommodating the demands of the consumers", explains Axel Dahm, head of company management at the Gerolsteiner Brunnen GmbH & Co. KG.. The introduction of the new 1.0 liter glass reusable bottle in the handy six-bottle case is the highlight of the trade show. Gerolsteiner will be offering the varieties Sprudel, Medium and Naturell in this new bottle. "With this innovation, consumers who prefer drinking from glass bottles now have a choice of alternative packaging that suits today's consumer needs: Nice shape, practical and comfortable to transport", says Axel Dahm.

Gerolsteiner expects the new glass bottle in a case of six to have a strong impact on the glass market long neglected by the industry. "Whether it be reusable glass bottles, reusable bottles or disposable PET bottles - there exists a large share of exclusive buyers for all of these three most important mineral water bottle variants. If you wish to fully meet customer demands you must cater to all three segments.", emphasizes Dahm. That is why the company that was the first to introduce mineral water in reusable PET bottles - and which also sells its products in disposable containers - is also expanding its PET-range besides the new glass variety: In Hamburg Gerolsteiner Medium was for the first time presented in a 0.75 liter PET disposable bottle with a sportscap - the first carbonated mineral water to come in a bottle with this practical cap for consumption underway. Specially created for use in the higher-class gastronomy Gerolsteiner presented its Gourmet bottle with a freshly designed label, and also had further interesting information for the business.


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