Companynews // 02/07/2008

Gerolstein, 02/07/2008. New name, same product: Gerolsteiner Stille Quelle now named Gerolsteiner Medium. All household and gastronomy packaging has new labels since January 1.

Gerolsteiner Stille Quelle now Gerolsteiner Medium

"In view of the continuously increasing relevancy of non-carbonated mineral waters the term "Stille Quelle" (German for calm/still well) appears to cause something of a misconception because consumers often associate a non-carbonated mineral water with it. This is why we have decided to change the name to Gerolsteiner Medium since this term is commonly used for carbon-reduced mineral waters", says Marcus Macioszek, division manager for marketing of the Gerolsteiner Brunnen GmbH & Co. KG.

In 1986 Gerolsteiner was one of the first companies in Germany to introduce mineral water with reduced carbon dioxide content: Gerolsteiner Stille Quelle, with a one third reduction of carbon dioxide content compared to the classic Gerolsteiner Sprudel.

"Up until that moment the market was dominated by heavily carbonated mineral waters. Non-carbonated mineral water on the other hand was practically non-existent, so that the term "Stille Quelle" was quite clear to the consumer", says Macioszek.

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