Companynews // 10/13/2007

Germany's most major water brand Gerolsteiner presents its new brand image for the first time during the ANGUA 2007 in Cologne.

The Gerolsteiner Brunnen GmbH & Co. KG is thus continuing on its onward going strategic development from being a specialist for mineral water to being an extensive supplier of natural non-alcoholic beverages. Starting on January 1 2008, all of Gerolsteiner's products will be available to consumers with new labels that will have a more modern and vital look while at the same time remaining highly recognizable.

The brand realignment is part of the natural development that has resulted from the increase in the range of the company's product portfolio, which in turn is due to the strategic development to becoming an extensive supplier of natural non-alcoholic beverages. Marcus Macioszek, business unit manager in marketing: "The target that our communicative realignment was aimed at is the development of an umbrella brand and achieving a market position that suits all of our products - such as our new mineral-water-plus products, for instance Gerolsteiner Linée. What was important to us is that the further development of the brand remain in keeping with the existing brand equity, while at the same managing to reach the consumer at a closer and more emotional level and retaining the Gerolsteiner brand image."

The realignment of the Gerolsteiner brand is based on the new positioning "feeling fit and more alive" and the resulting claim "Gerolsteiner. Somehow vitalizing life", which was first expressed during the TV campaign launched in May 2007. The aim is to convey a positive perception of everyday life and the feeling of gentle vitalization, which is to be perceived as a conscious accompaniment and not as something focused on specific moments. Feeling fit and more vital is symbolic for renewal, vitalization and refreshment - a little something toward the zest for life and vitality in everyday life.

Besides the repositioning, the new claim and the new TV campaign, there is one other thing at the center of presenting a new brand image: redesigning and adapting the logo, labels and packaging. Central elements of this are a slight modernization of the lettering, a three dimensional image of the star and a silver wave on the bottom edge of the label as a general border on all products. A descriptive supplement regarding the product represents the finishing touch to the newly designed labels.

"We received purely positive feedback after presenting the newly designed bottles to consumers. They confirm that the brand now appears more emotional, more youthful and closer to reality, as well as embodying more liveliness and conviviality. Especially in comparison to the competition we have seen proof of the fact that this clearly has a positive influence on the purchasing decision of consumers", says Marcus Macioszek.