Companynews // 06/12/2006

Energizes and boosts activity

Energizes and boosts activity

Gerolstein, 06/12/2006. Gerolsteiner is introducing a new sports drink to the market in time for the sporting outdoor season: Gerolsteiner Sport is an isotonic electrolyte drink based on natural ingredients, containing 7 percent fruit juice and no carbon dioxide.


Gerolsteiner Sport in the 0.5 liter PET bottle is an ideal companion for all kinds of activities thanks to the sportive moulded grip and the practical pull and push seal.


The composition of ingredients with their active-duplex-complex has been specially developed with sports-physiological demands in mind: the glucose it contains provides instant and sufficient energy when starting a sporting activity, the fructose with its storage effect on the other hand provides for a long lasting supply of energy and thus for the necessary stamina. Blood sugar levels remain stable.


People engaging in physical exercise sweat, loosing valuable minerals in the process. Gerolsteiner Sport ensures a fast return of liquid balance and, through its natural ingredients, replenishes the minerals that one looses. The ingredients:

Natural electrolytes from sea salt as well as the minerals sodium, calcium and magnesium, which are contained in the mineral water. The body can thus perform optimally over long periods of time.


Gerolsteiner Sport is low in calories and contains no carbon dioxide. This makes it easier for the athlete to absorb the minerals and natural fructose energy without any problems. Its light grapefruit flavor turns it into the ideal refreshment for any type of physical activity.


Effectiveness verified: The German Sports College Cologne tested Gerolsteiner Sport under sports medicinal aspects.


The influence of the new isotonic sport drink on the physical performance where analyzed in endurance tests. The results of the persons tested show clearly that Gerolsteiner Sport enhances performance and supports long periods of physical activity.


The official report by the German Sports College Cologne reaches the following conclusion:

"In summary one can assert that Gerolsteiner SPORT is a sports drink very suitable to replenishing liquids, electrolytes and carbohydrates lost during long lasting sporting activities. The drink can be consumed before, during or after the physical activities."



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