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A question of origin: Which mineral water harmonizes best with wine?

The Gerolsteiner Water and Wine project allows people to experience the connection between origin and flavor


Gerolstein: March 2010. Wine experts have long been acquainted with the discussion on the importance of the "Terroir" - the territory that the wine stems from - to a wine's quality. It is especially the soil that the vines grow on, but also the micro climate of the area that are viewed to be decisive factors. This close dependency between origin, flavor and quality is indisputable: Besides the level of carbonation, the amount of minerals and their balance contained in a mineral water, and thus its flavor, depends solely on the geological conditions at the source and the rock layers that the water has permeated. Gerolsteiner, Germany's market leader amongst top-class quality mineral waters, is now focusing on the aspect of origin in its Water and Wine courses for the gastronomic and hotel industry, which the company has been conducting in cooperation with the Germany Wine and Sommelier School (DWS) and the VDP, the association of German top-rated  vineyards, for the past five years. 

Not only the level of carbonation is important but also the balance of mineralization

"The question as to what water is suitably served with what wine is often primarily answered by the level of carbonation: Tannic wines harmonize especially well with still waters, sweet wines require a mineral water with a lot of carbonic acid. But this is too easy an answer. The balance of mineralization is also important", says Axel Dahm, head of management of the Gerolsteiner Brunnen GmbH & Co. KG. Within the framework of the Water and Wine courses one can now experience what influence a mineral water's origins have on the flavor and in what way this taste profile influences things when the water is served as an accompaniment to wine.  

The source of balance

How does a balanced flavor develop? The most determining influence on Gerolsteiner is its origin in the Volcanic Eifel. There two geological particularities meet: Carbonic acid of volcanic origin and dolomite rock rich  in calcium and magnesium. It is due to the carbonic acid that the valuable minerals can actually be dissolved out of the rock - which is almost water-insoluble. The result is a mineral water with a high and yet balanced mineral content.     


"Due to its origin Gerolsteiner contains a lot of magnesium and calcium and at the same time only small amounts of sodium chloride or sulfate. Since the water is high in minerals the carbonic acid doesn't affect the flavor so prominently. Thus Gerolsteiner has neither salty nor bitter nor sour nuances - it tastes pleasantly balanced. This balance makes Gerolsteiner an ideal accompaniment for Wine", says Dahm. With Gerolsteiner Sprudel, Medium and Naturell, all of which vary in regards to carbonation and mineralization, the company has a mineral water for every wine, capable of ideally emphasizing the character of the individual wine. 

Taste experiences: The perfect harmony between water, wine and food

The courses that are attended by 300 to 400 people form the gastronomy and hotel business every year not only offer water and wine tasting and information on the German wine market and current trends, but since 2009 also first hand presentations on how the food experience is influenced by wine and the various Gerolsteiner mineral waters, and how the flavors influence each other.   Yvonne Heistermann, sommelier and experienced DWS-lecturer, heads the Gerolsteiner seminars. 

Business impetus through competent advice on water and wine

Gerolsteiner supports the gastronomy, the hotel business and the wine-oriented  beverage wholesale trade not only in regards to product choice and advice but also with materials developed in cooperation with DWS and VDP. At Gerolsteiner one is convinced that "water and wine" offers a lot of potential as a business segment. Our seminars and information media show how restauranteurs and hoteliers can liven their beverage trade with this information.

Which water goes with what wine? Fast orientation even for laypersons

The website offers a quick orientation to consumers regarding the suitable water for the wine of choice. Additionally there is more to learn about the VDP-vineyards in the various wine growing regions. The "Vineyard of he month" is regularly introduced. Tasting comments, recommendations for the suitable Gerolsteiner mineral water and a competition give visitors an appetite for the perfect water and wine enjoyment.


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