Companynews // 06/21/2011

A star for Petko - Gerolsteiner announces cooperation with Andrea Petkovic


London, June 21, 2011.  Gerolsteiner, the No. 1 in German mineral water, and Andrea Petkovic, the No. 1 in German tennis, announced their cooperation at a press conference during the Grand Slam competition in Wimbledon.


For Gerolsteiner, the partnership represents a return to sports sponsorship, after withdrawing from cycling in late 2008. "We deliberately took our time in search of a new partner and are very happy to have Andrea Petkovic on board. She is natural, authentic, intelligent and individual - a strong personality and an exceptional sportswoman: All of that makes Andrea Petkovic the perfect brand ambassador for Gerolsteiner," as Axel Dahm, CEO of Gerolsteiner Brunnen GmbH & Co. KG, explained the decision.


Dahm continued by explaining that sport, fitness and Gerolsteiner are a harmonious combination, since the "water with a star" comes from the volcanic Eifel region and is especially rich in minerals, above all calcium and magnesium, which is so important for sportsmen and women. In the last two years, communication work for the "water with the star" has focused on the differences in quality between mineral waters and the connection between their sources and the minerals they contain. The decision in favour of Gerolsteiner was easy for Andrea Petkovic: "Mineral water is my constant companion during training and competitions. Everyone can taste that Gerolsteiner is a very special mineral water, as a look at the mineral content information on the label confirms. I was impressed and look forward to our collaboration."


In addition to this new sports sponsorship, supporting children's and youth projects in the company's local region is another important element of Gerolsteiner's sponsorship activities.

Gerolsteiner remains on course for growth

Gerolsteiner is also expanding its position as the international market leader

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