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Gerolsteiner's Sparkling Detox Challenge

September 12th - 16th 2016


Dear Gerolsteiner Fan,


are you ready for your Sparkling Detox Challenge?

We’re delighted that you want to participate in our 5-Day Sparkling Detox and that you want to experience the amazing benefits of our mineral-rich sparkling water!

We’re sorry you didn’t win some Gerolsteiner for your Sparkling Detox, but we hope you join our Detox Group and participate anyhow to “Mineralize Your Life”.


Get your mineral water ready! Find out where to buy Gerolsteiner Mineral Water with our store locator.


Here's how the Gerolsteiner Sparkling Detox works:

  • If you haven't already done so, be sure to join our Detox Group so you can share in the experience with others!
  • Start your detox on Monday, September 12th and continue until September 16th. During these 5 days, you should replace all of your beverages with Gerolsteiner Mineral Water and enjoy a balanced diet of fresh and wholesome foods.
  • Visit the Facebook group for daily motivation, useful nutrition tips and advice on overall wellness from Fitness Expert and Nutritionist, Ariane Hundt.
  • Share your Gerolsteiner Sparkling Detox experiences in the group with fellow detoxers and on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


Benefits of the Gerolsteiner Detox approach:

There are two key factors:

1)     Proper hydration is an often overlooked component of a healthy diet as it supplies our body cells with water to function efficiently. Gerolsteiner is nutritionally beneficial with high mineral content – providing essential nutrients such as calcium (84 mg/8 fl oz), magnesium (26 mg/8 fl oz) and bicarbonate (482 mg/8 fl oz), which the body needs daily and cannot produce itself.

2)     During a detox diet, toxins are washed out of our bodies by our liver and kidneys. Gerolsteiner helps the body’s natural detoxification mechanism by supporting healthy liver and kidney function.

Once your body functions more efficiently, you’ll feel better and more energized.


We can't wait to detox with you!



Your Gerolsteiner-USA Team




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