Gerolsteiner: unique characteristics, special features

·        We focus on the messages: quality, taste, health and beauty

·        With a mineral substance content of 1,500 mg per litre upwards, a mineral water may bear the notice “with high mineral content” on the label. Gerolsteiner Sparkling Water and Gerolsteiner Medium naturally provide 2,500 mg of minerals per litre and are consequently especially high in minerals. Since both mineral waters contain valuable calcium and magnesium as well as bicarbonate, they have a pleasantly balanced taste, despite their high mineral content.

·        Gerolsteiner Sparking Water and Gerolsteiner Medium provide per litre respectively 348 mg of calcium und 108 mg of magnesium, and consequently already provide a third of the daily requirement of calcium and a quarter of the daily requirement of magnesium. Magnesium is essential for the muscles and a functioning nervous system. Calcium is important for healthy bones and teeth and the functioning of the muscles. It is also true that milk is a good provider of calcium. However, in contrast to mineral water, milk is very high in calories.  In order to meet the daily requirement of calcium, you would have to consume 850 grams of milk, which corresponds to 570 kcal. Also for those who do not like or cannot tolerate milk due to lactose intolerance, a calcium-containing mineral water like Gerolsteiner Sparking Water / Medium is a good solution for the provision of calcium.

·        Furthermore, Gerolsteiner mineral water contains bicarbonate, as it has passed through limestone on its way into the depths of the dolomite. Gerolsteiner Sparking Water and Gerolsteiner Medium contain over 1,800 mg/l of bicarbonate. This valuable natural ingredient (HCO3) harmonises the slightly sour hint of carbonic acid and ensures a pleasantly refreshing, balanced flavour.

·        We have known the market for approximately 125 years, we have considerable product expertise and operate one of the most efficient and most modern bottling plants in Europe; we are aware of consumer needs and aim to serve them.

·        Aided awareness: 97% of Germans (18 years old and upwards).

Geological characteristics

·        Gerolsteiner is obtained from a depth of up to 200 metres.

·        It has been enriched with minerals for some 50 to 100 years.

·        Gerolsteiner mineral water comes from a geological formation which is almost unique in the world. 

·        Specifically in the Gerolstein region in the volcanic Eifel area, two geological features come together: calcium and magnesium containing dolomite rocks and carbonic acid of volcanic origin. Through a network of crevices, a continuous supply of carbon dioxide (CO2) rises in Gerolstein from inside the earth from which carbonic acid is formed in contact with the deep water. Only with the help of this natural carbonic acid can the water dissolve and absorb the valuable minerals from the dolomite. The result is a mineral water of exceptional quality: only rarely do water products contain both calcium and magnesium simultaneously

Mineral calculator

·        At everyone can check for themselves which and how many minerals are contained in the various mineral waters.

·        Here, Gerolsteiner is compared with about 500 water products worldwide.





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We recommend a consumption of at least two liters per day and refer to the great importance of a varied and well-balanced nutrition as well as a healthy way of life.